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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Is it for you? What you need to know about this useful and practical therapy style.

Do you often deny your feelings, avoid issues, or struggle with your inner emotions? Often think that your hardships are “unfair” or that you always get the short end of the stick? Want to learn how to face concerns

The Game of Life

Has Life Changed that Much in the Last 150 years?

If we go back in time to pre-Civil War era United States, we would see a country that is a 180 degrees different than the United States in 2008. The powerful, upper crust of society was dominated by the large plantation owners and slavery was

The Case of the Disappearing Gender

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the effects of xenoestrogens, so the headline from the Globe and Mail wasn’t that shocking.

Humanity at Risk, it shouts: Are the Males Going First? The answer, like a bizarre take on the movie Children of Men (where the human race stops having children), is a

Borderline Personality Disorder

“In a game of give and get,” the PhysOrg.com reporter emphasizes: “The brains of people with borderline personality disorder often don’t get it.”

The interactive game to which he is referring was developed at the Baylor University College of Medicine and uses money to evaluate levels of trust between the players, according to a recent

Understanding Why You Have Obsessive Thoughts, and Where They Come From

There’s a big difference between being interested in something, and being ‘obsessed’ with it. We may not often recognize obsessive behaviors at first. However, they are often linked to different areas of anxiety. With that in mind, it’s important to understand why you might have obsessive thoughts, and where they come from.

Once you know

Keeping Your Identity When You Become a Parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible experiences of anyone’s life. It completely changes things, and that’s more than just an old saying. It can alter the way you think about yourself, your partner, and life in general! While it can be a wonderful change, sometimes parenting can become overwhelming.

Whether you’re a

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure can be an intense feeling that can make it difficult to achieve your goals. The “what if” can stop even the most motivated person in their tracks and cause them to not reach their full potential. The fear of failure can come about any time we’re unsure of the

What Is Attachment Theory?

Being a parent isn’t easy. You’re expected to excel in a career and juggle the stressors of daily life, all while caring for a child that has little or no ability to care for themselves. It’s impossible to do it all. The laundry doesn’t get done, or you eat take out for dinner a

Knowing When It’s Over

People reason with themselves and others when it comes to staying in a relationship. It may have been magical and perfect when you first got together. But over time, things started to fall apart. You may be making excuses for yourself, or your partner at this point, but the bottom line is; you know

How to Recognize Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults

For some reason, most people don’t associate depression and anxiety with geriatric people as much as they do during other phases of life. No one can be blamed for this, really. It can be harder to identify these disorders in older adults for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason the disorders are so

How Walking in Nature Can Be Therapeutic

Humans were made to live in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, this relationship has deteriorated due to rapid damage to the environment, obsession with technology and the fear of the unknown, which makes people avoid outdoors.

Scientific research over the years has shown incredible positive effects of taking a nature walk. Listed below are some therapeutic

Relationship Between Depression and Sleep Deprivation

If you find that you are restless the night before a big event and if you’re having difficulty falling asleep – not to worry. Your mind (and body) are preparing you for something important. However if your inability to sleep soundly occurs night after night for an extended period of time, you might begin

Searching For A Soulmate – In All The Wrong Places

We’re either taught from a young age, or we pick up from movies, TV, etc., that our ‘soulmate’ is out there, somewhere. Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s the guy we’re swooning over on TV that we think will end up being that soulmate of ours. It’s easy to be quickly reminded of late

Art Therapy, What is it?

According to arttherapy.org Art Therapy is defined this way…
Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and