Over the years we have received countless requests for custom and ready made template WordPress websites.

After some exhaustive research and designing more than a few WordPress sites, we knew the good and the bad.

The biggest downfall we discovered was that the templates looked beautiful and alluring, but never turned out as good when they weren’t professionally done. We later discovered this was a common problem, so from that point on ArtBricolage was born!

Our aim is to provide awesome WordPress templates for you to choose from, with all the add on’s you want, all for a super reasonable price and with monthly hosting (which you would have to pay for no matter what type of site you have), and last but not least, we set up your WordPress site for you, which means it will look as sophisticated and professional as the test model. Your site will be awesome and your ego will be left unscathed. ArtBricolage, it’s a win win!

Many Thanks to Assunta Genovesio and Zoel  for their amazing artwork and photography.